Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fun Facts

After doing some further research on Vanuatu, I have discovered some even more interesting facts! I will continue my list from the previous post:

4. The ancient practice of land-diving (bungee jumping) originated on Pentecost Island. The goal was to land close enough to the ground to just graze it with hair or shoulder. For those who survived, this proved their manhood and ensured a good yam harvest for the following season.

5. The waters around Vanuatu are shark-infested. If you know me, you can be assured that I will stay 20 feet from any beach at all times.

6. The last reported act of cannibalism was in 1969, on the island of Malekula. I really have to stress the word reported here, for obvious reasons. I will probably stay away from this island if I can.

7. Vanuatu is situated directly on the Pacific "ring of fire". Two of the world's most active volcanoes can be found in the islands of Vanuatu (Yasur and Abrym) and they are open to the public. Cooooool!


Elin said...

can't wait to check out those volcanoes up close and personal!

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